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High Peak Physical Therapy

Individualized Care.  Amazing Results.

About Us

High Peak Physical Therapy is evolving and stepping into the next generation of comprehensive, evidence based physical therapy with Jeff Merrigan PT. DPT.  We continue to maintain, and are grateful for, the reputation left by Jeff Foss’s Orthopedic and Sport Rehabilitation.

High Peak Physical Therapy and Jeff Merrigan PT, DPT, are eager and prepared to provide the community with specific therapeutic care.  Care created for each individual, geared to get you back to doing what you love.

High Peak Physical Therapy is looking to set the bar higher for physical therapy and personalized care with the most progressive one on one treatments.  These help you build a bond and relationship with a single therapist, avoiding the frustration of seeing a different therapist each visit.

High Peak Physical Therapy prides itself on not only delivering a premium physical therapy experience, but also providing education regarding each diagnosis and condition in a simple to understand patient first language. This allows each individual to be a part of their rehabilitation and to understand why they are doing what they are doing.

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 Welcome To High Peak PT & Thanks For Choosing Us

Let Us Tell You About Our New Website

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We are looking forward to getting to know you and tailoring a PT plan to meet your individual needs.  If you want to get to know us a little better, check out our Staff Bios Section.  To Navigate this site just use the Navigation menu.  It will always be at the top of the page.  Some sections have more than one page, those are marked with a little arrow.  When you hover over them you will see a dropdown list with more pages you can go to.  Simply click the page you want to visit.  You will see that our experience here at High Peak PT really adds up.  We also have a page that lists some specific Services we offer here at High Peak PT.   We provide therapy for a wide range of ailments, with the most up-to-date Treatments and Techniques.

Contact Us & Appointments

If you have a quick question, comment or message and don’t feel like, or can’t call us right now, fill out our quick Message Form.  It’s only a couple of lines, and we will get back to you quickly during office hours.  If you are ready to make an appointment right now give High Peak PT a call at 518-761-0850.  If you are on a mobile device, just press the big button with the phone icon.  It will be in the bottom left corner of your screen.   One press and you will be connected straight through to the office.

Once you have an appointment you can get a jump on some of the paperwork.  We have two choices.  Option 1:  Head over to the Patient Forms page and click on either the  PDF or the WORD button.  The document will open.  You can print them off or fill them out on your computer and bring them with you to your first appointment.  Option 2:  Head to Online Patient Form and fill out some basic information right here on High Peak PT.  Once you are done, check the box to make sure you aren’t a robot and then the submit button.  If you aren’t able to do Option 1 or Option 2 it’s okay.  Just please remember to show up 10-15 minutes early for your first appointment to allow time for paperwork.

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Check Out New Site Features

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If you aren’t sure where High Peak PT is located, no big deal, we have a Google Map right here you to look at.  There are some general directions as well.  Last, but certainly not least, make sure to take a look at our Blog.  We are constantly updating High Peak PT Blog with new content ranging from the latest in physical therapy treatments, to sports injury rehabilitation, to instructional You Tube Videos, to employee features.  Just about anything interesting and loosely related to what we do here at High Peak PT can show up there.  You can also search our Blog and Link to Recent Posts in our Footer.  You will see the same Footer on every page of High Peak PT.

Come Back & Visit High Peak PT

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Make sure you remember our site.  It’s http://www.highpeakpt.com.  Like I said, the blog is always changing so it is worth coming back to the site if you are a patient or have an interest in physical therapy.  Now I think that covers the majority of the new website.  Enjoy the site and we hope to hear from you soon.  Thanks again from High Peak PT!

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