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High Peak PT Is Coming Soon

Exciting times are upon us.  Jeff Foss PT, is headed for retirement after a long and productive career stemming back to the mid 1970s.  Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation will be replaced by High Peak Physical Therapy and Jeff Merrigan DPT.  In reality, not a whole lot is going to change.  The same friendly, professional staff will be here.  You can expect the same excellent level of care.  Jeff (Merrigan) is thrilled to be making the transition from therapist to owner/therapist.

One change being implemented is this website.  With a new name comes a new face for the internet world to see.  This site has some new features that will only serve to enhance your patient experience at High Peak PT.  Perhaps, the coolest new feature is this blog.  High Peak PT will be posting physical therapy related content on a regular basis.  As the blog grows, you will be able to search through articles and learn more about our practice and the people that work here, the latest in treatment techniques, and many other interesting topics.  The bottom line is that our new blog gives you a reason to keep coming back to see what we are up to.

The new site has downloadable patient intake forms, so if you are a new patient all you have to do is go to Patient Forms and click either PDF or Word.  You can also Fill Out Patient Form and it will be sent straight to us.  You can always just fill the paperwork out in person, but make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes early so you have enough  time.

The new site is full of pictures so you can get a sense of the atmosphere here at High Peak PT.  We like to stay upbeat and positive, no matter what the circumstance there is always something to be grateful for.  We tried to make the site easy to use and highly functional.  If you like the site or have any suggestions, we would love to hear them.  Just leave a comment or fill out the leave us a message form at Contact Us.  If you’re an existing patient we’ll see you soon, if not, give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

The Evolution of the Logo so far

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