Medial Meniscus Tears

Medial Meniscus Tears

knee diagram

As we can see in the diagram above, the medial meniscus is located on the inside of the knee.  Essentially, the medial meniscus is cartilage, that acts as a shock absorber between the femur(upper leg bone) and the tibia(one of the lower leg bones).

Injuries to the meniscus frequently accompany ACL or MCL tears, but can occur without tears to ligaments of the knee.  In meniscus injuries to adults, healing is slow to occur, or may never occur.  This depends on the severity and location of the meniscus tear.  Often, simple day surgery is required to repair minor meniscus injuries.

Might include the following:

  • A popping sensation
  • Swelling or stiffness
  • Pain, especially when twisting or rotating your knee
  • Difficulty straightening your knee fully
  • Feeling as though your knee is locked in place when you try to move it

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